Light and portable bike stand for hollow crank axle bikes.

Shimano Road Crankset Adaptable

An M20 adapter for Shimano road crankarm is also included in the box. Replacing the left crankset bolt with the adapter, the road crankset can be adapted to the 10mm axle of Hex stand. 

Multiple Axle Standard Support

Axle sleeve for 24mm and 30mm hollow cranksets

Inner axle for 10mm hex holes and Shimano adapter

Adjustable Axle Height

Hex stand has the unique height adjustment feature. There is 65mm adjustment range that makes Hex stand fit up to 400mm BB height.

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Hex stand is design for the bikes with hollow axle crankset. It is compatible with most mountain bike cranksets and Shimano road crankset with M20 adapter bolt.

Weight:   720g (1.6 lb)

Max.Load:   20kg


Open - 415(H) x 480(W) x 380(L) mm

Close - 415(H) x 110(W) x 85(L) mm

Color:   Black, Sliver, Red, Blue, Green, Orange

Package includes Hex stand, carry bag and adapter for Shimano crankset

Shimano road crankset adapable
Aircraft grade alloy 
Height adjustable
Upward tilted axle

Price: 79.99 USD

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"It's simple, practical design has made it a permanent resident in my van for all those car park fettling sessions. The only real sticking point is currently the Hex Stand is only available via Granite's US website but they happily ship to the UK."


HEX stand setup for the first time

M20 adaptor installation

How do I know if my crankset works with HEX stand or not?

The HEX stand comes in two different supporting axle sizes,19mm and 10mm. If your crankset has the hollow axle with an opening end greater than 19mm (such as Shimano Hollowtech-II XTR, XT and SLX series) or the crank arm is fixed by a 10mm Hex bolt (such as SRAM BB30 cranksets), as long as you have space to insert the skewer into your crank axle, you can use the HEX Stand.
For Shimano Road crankset with a M20 crank arm fixing bolt on the left crank arm, you can use the M20 adaptor to replace the original cap to adapt your crankset to fit HEX stand’s 10mm axle. Adapter Compatible Shimano Road Crankset models: Dura-Ace: 9000, 7900, 7950, 7800. Ultegra: 6800, 6700, 6750 105: 5800, 5700, 5750 Tiagra: 4700, 4600, 4650 Sora: 3503, 3550 Road: R350, R460, R563, R565, RS500 Cyclocross: CX70, CX50

Can I use the M20 adaptor on my Shimano MTB crankset?

Yes, you can replace the left crank arm fixing bolt on you Shimano MTB crankset with the M20 adaptor. By doing so, you can insert the skewer into the left crank arm. This will allow better accesson the drive train when you work on your bike.

Can I install the skewer at a position lower than the minimum mark on the hex tube?

Yes, you can do this to lower the mounting position of your bike. However, please note that the stand will not fully fold up in this position; you need to move the skewer up above the minimum mark to enable the stand to fully fold up.

Do I have to purchase the M20 adaptor?

Every stand comes with an adaptor included in the package. If you need extra adapters, these are available to buy on our website.

Do I have to set the clamp at the center of OPEN mark?

The OPEN mark indicated on the hex tube is for reference only. You can adjust the tilt angle of the hex tube and skewer according to your own preference.

Does the HEX STAND come with a tool to remove crank arm fixing bolt?

No, the tool is not included in the package. To remove crank arm fixing bolt you need a Shimano TL-FC16, or Park BBT-10 or other equivalent tool. You can easily get hold of one in your local bike shop.


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